It is better to use a real browser

The only way to make sure your browser's digital signature can not be recognized online as belonging to the same computer is to use the natural browser without injecting false parameters into it, changing only the configuration of the computer.

Therefore, by using a browser with false parameters, the computer will be easily identified by simple analysis methods and statistics.


Advanced tracking services have a database with all the digital signatures of all devices.

They also have a very clear statistic of these devices that are used daily and therefore can accept or reject certain fingerprints at certain time intervals.

These systems are very intelligent, and especially help in detecting fake browsers, because a fake browser will never contain the digital signatures that these systems have in their databases, or the parameters of a fake browser will never match the parameters of a specific browser.

These digital signatures include a very wide range of precise measurements and parameters. One of the most important parameters are obtained by measuring the graphics rendered by your browser that provides information about CANVAS and WebGL.

Also, an important influence parameter that is directly influenced by the graph is the measurement of the height and width of certain fonts installed on the computer (GLYPHS). Measurements can also be made to get the true digital signature of a computer, even if the browser give false parameters.

Therefore, it does not matter how well the fake browser is created. Detection will be much simple.