Beware of fake Telegram accounts and fake websites that claim to be from Ivan Iovation company!!!
The software incorporates 14 independent modules that will change the fingerprints of your computer. View these videos bellow to see how modules are handled.


Manage hardware settings

Change hardware data of your system
Manage bios versions, manufacturer, serial numbers and more


Manage webgl settings

Naturally change webGL rendering image by levels.
Manage webGL2, Caveat, Extensions.
Set a vendor and a rendering name.


Manage WebRTC settings
Change WebRTC IP, local IP and mac address.
Automatically set the time zone & location by current IP.
View IP info and logs.


Manage canvas settings

Set a different canvas fingerprint that corresponde to other common devices.
Optionally generate undetectable and unique canvas fingerprints.


Manage resolution

Adapt the screen monitor to any resolution.
Change the color depth of the monitor.
Change the taskBar size and Windows metrics.


Manage fonts
Naturally install and uninstall any real fonts for Windows.
Manage specific fonts for Windows version.
Change the fonts fingerprint and glyph's


Manage Geolocation
Automaticaly set a new geographic location by IP, street address or coordinates.
Easily change, allow or block your current location on the map.


Manage flash player

Choose any flash version and set custom mime's type and environment.
Change any of the flash parameters.
Restore or delete flash cookies.


Manage plugins
Instantly create or remove real plugins from the browser.
Randomly generate multiple natural plugins.
Choose any plug-in version from the resource list.

Date & Time

Manage date & time
Automaticaly change the time zone to match with the zone of the current IP or geolocation.
Set any format date & time for Windows.
Custom time synchronization.

Audio & Webcam

Manage audio & webcam
Manage Audio and webcam devices.
Create custom Audio drivers.
Change audioContext fingerprint.
Custom webcam drivers.

Peripherals telemetry

Manage mouse & keyboard
Manage advanced Mouse parameters.
Edit advanced keyboard parameters.
Change telemetry fingeprint.


Install new browser

Randomly choose any version of browsers or manually choose one from the resource list.
Choose a native language and a edition type for the selected browser.


Manage profiles
Easily manage and personalize all existing profiles.
View, reload, edit, or delete any of the profiles.
Search module for finding data in any of the profiles.